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Clean Check With our service, let's reduce management work time for cleaning hotel rooms.

Clean Check, hotel housekeeping app enables you to improve efficiency and productivity in hotel cleaning!

Now, hotels have many challenges!!

In addition to regular cleaning, hotels must disinfect when the guest checks out. This will increase hotel managers work time.

With Clean Check, reports become paperless!

Japan Hotel Association gives new cleaning guidelines to hotel business managers. (​)

Our service, Clean Check provides the checklist and online reporting tool for room cleaning.

Hotel managers do not need to assign tasks manually or verbally. Cleaners start their work, complete their cleaning, and send an online report in a very efficient way. Clean Check can reduce hotel management work time and ensure the quality of cleaning.

Clean Check reduces management time in hotel cleaning.

Clean Check provides effective way to follow Japan Hotel Guidelines, ensures the quality of cleaning staff work, and reduces management time.

Our mobile app for cleaners is easy to operate and cleaners can use the mobile app to take photos and videos. With Clean Check dashboard, hotel managers and staff can review the photos, videos and cleaner report online to ensure the quality of the room cleaning. Cleaners can report any problems online immediately to hotel managers and front staff such as guests forgotten possessions in the room, damage in the room, etc.

Features of our service

Clean Check can be used for cleaning public areas like lobby, elevator, etc.

Hotel guests want touch points in public areas like the lobby, elevator, hallway, etc., cleaned regularly.

With Clean Check, public area checklists can be created, cleaners can be assigned to clean throughout the day and managers can check online the status of public area cleaning.

The App Reporting tool is really easy to use.

The cleaner makes cleaning report with completed checklist and can take photos and videos with comments. The cleaner can report guests� forgotten items or other troubles seamlessly without making paper reports.

Cleaning report from the Clean Check App is automatically uploaded and viewable online.

Simple view of cleaning dashboard

Managers and front staff can easily check cleaning status of each room.

The cleaning report from cleaner reduce amount of checking time of hotel front managers.